Finding Sim Only Phone Deals To Suit Your Lifestyle And Pocket

In the past if you wanted to buy a new mobile phone you had no option but to sign up to a lengthy 18 month or 2 year contract. That meant waiting ages if you wanted to upgrade to the latest model.

Sim only mobile phone deals allow you to switch tariffs or simply use pay as go. You can use your existing handset if you want. Alternatively buy a new handset first and then decide on a sim only deal.

Sim only phone plans don’t include a handset, so you must have a phone that will last you at least a while longer. The great thing about SIM only deals is they’re a lot cheaper.

Should you choose pay as you go or opt for a contract?

If you like the freedom of pay as you go and don’t make enough calls or send that many texts to warrant the cost of a contract there are plenty of good deals around.

You’ll never go over your budget since you only top up when needed. Pay as you go can work out cheaper and you won’t have money going out of your account each month.

There is no upfront cost with a pay as you go deal since only pay for the sim card. This gives you a lot of flexibility.

Unlocking your phone

If you’re inserting a sim from a different network you may need to unlock your phone. This is usually free if your contract has expired. However, you may need to pay if your phone is with a pay as go network or you’re still in contract.

Keeping your existing number

Just because you’re switching networks doesn’t mean you have to lose your number. If you’re running a business it’s not only inconvenient but you risk using clients.

All you have to do is get a PAC or authorisation code. Your current network should give this to you free of charge.

O2 offer a Big Bundle deal. This is great if you use a lot of data but don’t want to commit to a monthly contract

Plan details

  • 5 GB data
  • 500 minutes
  • 1,000 texts.

It costs £15 for the sim card, then £15 to top up.

If you send a lot of texts and make fewer calls Vodaphone’s Big Value bundle may be a good choice. It costs £10 for the sim then £10 to top up.

Plan details

  • 1GB data
  • 200 minutes
  • unlimited texts

If you travel abroad a lot and want to avoid roaming charges ID bundle may be a good option. You get inclusive roaming in 50 countries worldwide.

Plan details

  • £10 a month
  • 4 GB data
  • 1,000 minutes
  • Unlimited texts.

Three mobile deals for pay as you go

If you need a sim that offers the flexibility of pay as you go with no upfront cost, Three offer a very cheap deal.

You get a sim card free of charge, then just add money into the account when needed. This is ideal if you just want a standard sim with no bundles or extras.

This would work well with a spare phone that you rarely use but keep for emergencies. Three’s pay as go sim deal is also the cheapest in the UK

Three mobile deals for monthly contracts

Three provide several good deals on monthly contracts and sim-only deals. Each one has its own benefits depending on your lifestyle and needs.

The 12 month advanced plan is ideal if you’re a heavy user. It’s also perfect if you use the internet a lot away from the home or office. Plus, it’s great if you visit areas with no Wifi access. You get a personal hotspot allowance every month.

Plan details

  • £27 a month
  • All you can eat minutes
  • All you can eat texts
  • 30GB Personal hotspot
  • You can use your allowance in 60 different countries worldwide

It’s quite expensive though compared to similar tariffs with other networks. It’s always best to shop around before making a final decision as you can save money.

If you want the benefits of a contract without being committed to 12 months you may find a 1 month plan is a good fit. If you don’t travel regularly and you’re a low data user, the 1 month Essential Plan is a good option.

Plan details

  • £14 a month
  • 600 minutes
  • All you can eat texts.

Using your phone abroad will incur roaming charges, and there is no personal hotspot.

If you’re a data heavy user and considering a one month plan you could opt for All you can eat data. It’s more expensive per month but you get a personal hotspot. You can also use your allowance in 60 different countries.

Take your time in making a decision and don’t be swayed by mega bundle deals. If you’re not going to use anywhere near the amount that’s offered you’re wasting your money.


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