It Is Easy To Sell Your Old iPhone


iPhones continue to be a popular choice for many consumers. They are valuable even on the secondary market. There are many companies that can help you sell your old phone. If you are looking to get a little money from an old device, sell it yourself. There are a few things you should know before placing your phone for sale.

Always Wipe the Data

You may be tempted to keep certain apps or games on the phone. There are devices that can sell for more with apps already installed. Don’t fall for it! If you leave any trace of personal data on a phone, it can lead to identity theft. Every iPhone is connected to an Apple account. The game that you left on the phone is also connected to the account. Anyone who has the phone can gain access to personal data and information. Remember to play it safe and complete a wipe of the whole phone. Apple makes it very easy to delete data. You will not have to worry about others stealing your personal information.

Install the Latest Software

To add maximum value to your iPhone 7 32GB device, make sure to have the latest software updates. Buyers are looking for phones that include the latest software. The updated software has many security upgrades as well. It will only take a few minutes but can add a little more to the resale value of the phone.

Include Some Accessories

Everyone likes to get a little more for their money. You should consider including some accessories with the phone. If the phone had a case, add it in. Chances are you will not need it again. It may also be beneficial to include the lightning adapter and cable as well. By adding a few extras with your phone, you may be able to sell it faster and for more money.

Keep the Phone in Good Condition

Phones that are undamaged sell for more money. Buyers do not want to replace a screen for a phone that they just bought. It is always important to keep the phone protected, especially if you want to resell it. Damaged phones do sell on the secondhand market. They typically are sold for parts and less money.

Where to Sell an Old iPhone?

There are plenty of places to sell an iPhone. The most popular way is through a company like eBay. They let you set your own price and list it in the marketplace. There is a chance that the device might not sell quickly. Some phones can sit for a bit before getting sold. You are also responsible for correctly listing the item and handling any problems. If there is an issue with the phone, you need to note it in your listing. Otherwise, you can be marked as a bad seller.

Apple has their own buyback program, but it is only for credit. The Renew and Recycling Programme allows you to trade in your old model for a new phone. You can bring in your device to an Apple store or submit a form online. Apple will inspect your phone and give you an estimated value. You can put that money down for a new phone. If you were planning to upgrade, it can help with the cost of a new iPhone.

Finally, there are companies that will sell the iPhone 7 32GB for you. Most places will have you send in the old iPhone. They will then examine it and give you an estimate. You can choose whether or not to accept their offer. If you do, the company will list the device on their own marketplace. You will have to split the portion of the sale or pay a fee for this service.

There are many ways to sell on an old iPhone online. You can choose to list it with a company or sell it yourself. By doing a few things, you can increase the resale value of your phone. Many people are willing to pay for a slightly used iPhone on the secondhand market.



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