The Easy Way to Recycle Apple Products


Do you have an old Apple device or mobile phone that you don’t want to use anymore? The Apple UK GiveBack program offers an easy solution for recycling your old mobile phone or device and turning it into a newer model. This helpful guide will introduce you to this exciting program and show you just how easy it is to quickly upgrade your old Apple device.

What is the GiveBack program?

Apple’s GiveBack program allows you to trade in your eligible device for a store gift card. That store gift card can be used to purchase a brand new device with all of the exciting features that have come to be expected out of Apple’s newer products. In the event your item can not be turned in for store credit due to too much wear and tear or some other issue, the store will still recycle it for you free of charge. The GiveBack is good for you and good for the environment as well!

What is my device worth?

Mobile Phone – potentially 335  

Tablet – potentially 360  

Computer or Laptop – potentially 695  

Watch – potentially 135  

Other Devices – recycle-able free of charge

Apple’s program will also recycle small devices or batteries for you free of charge! The store will make sure that your small devices or batteries get recycled in a way that is safe for the environment so that you can discard your unwanted batteries or electronic devices worry-free.

What happens to my device when I put it up for trade or recycle it?

When the store is given your device, it is sent off to be inspected by a skilled team of technological experts. Devices that are in working order and that can still function properly can then be refurbished and sent off to be used by a new customer. Sometimes devices are beyond repair and cannot be sent off to a new owner after refurbishing. If this is the case, the device will go on to be recycled in a way that is safe for the environment. Even if your device isn’t eligible for monetary compensation, Apple’s program still gives back to the environment through this exciting recycling movement.

How long does the GiveBack program take?

After you turn in your device to the store, you can expect the process to take up a total of two to three weeks. Depending on how soon you are able to submit your device for inspection will determine how soon your device will be able to be processed. The GiveBack program even allows participants of the program to track the status of their device with email confirmation. Know when your device has been inspected and where the team is at in the processing of your device.

Why can’t I just throw my unwanted electronics or batteries away?

Older appliances, electronic devices, and batteries can pose a great threat to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. Items that are unable to go out into your regular trash or waste can are typically marked with a trash can that has an ‘x’ across it. This means that the item cannot be thrown away with regular waste. Electronic equipment or old devices can be home to substances or chemicals that can pose a threat to the environment if you do not throw them away properly. The GiveBack program ensures that your older materials can be disposed of properly in a way that does not threaten the environment in any way.

Is there any other ways to recycle a product or device?

Apple’s GiveBack program can be utilized at any UK location. There are other resources available for electronic device waste disposal. Refer to or for more information about hazardous waste removal in the UK and other ways that you can responsibly recycle any unwanted electronic devices or batteries you may have.


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