What makes companies Friendly, reliable and profitable


Said another to Article that many companies earn every day disaffection, detachment even alienate customers and consumers. Depersonalization, laziness, slowness, helplessness, discourtesy and inattention, lack of mime, obsessive monetization, non-existent communication or oppressive sales-oriented … there are many behaviors that reach distance, when they do not generate hatred.

But it is necessary to recognize that there are other companies that, in the opposite direction, according to my experience, are considered “majas”, “reliable”, “friendly” and, in general, are perceived as customer-oriented companies. I am based on an exercise I have been doing for twenty years in classes that I teach in MBAs and masters in Marketing and Marketing in different business schools, mainly in ESIC.

These are companies that earn more money than others making the happiness of their customers the most profitable business in the long term.

The companies that “win” the votes in terms of good practices are:

– Those that show interfunctional coordination. The customers, the people, we do not tolerate that kind people, with all the sympathy they want, apologize because they can not get another department to give them answers . The company is a whole, and we hope you will treat us as such.

– Those that show anticipation of the client’s behavior. Using technology, the company must know the customer in general, anticipate trends, assume and lead those that mean an improvement in the lives of their customers, but, especially, offering the customer (without excessive commercial spirit) everything that means a change for the better in your life, in your comfort, in your comfort and, therefore, suppose an added value.

– Those that are not obsessed with “taking out” money, and they note that their profit is in the background, and is a consequence of a job well done.

– Companies more artisan than industrial, and show mime in the management, the treatment of things, of course, but above all of people.

– Organizations that promote personal treatment and take the opportunity to pamper the client and show that they care about knowing each person, demonstrate the willingness to please and exceed expectations, without haste and taking care of emotions.

– Customer-oriented companies are always available, people who have a positive attitude, avoiding negativism, and this quality is projected in the management of channels and schedules.

– Client-oriented organizations, according to my research have a culture, a mission, a vision, values, a creed, specific commitments focused on satisfaction, loyalty, the long term of the client and the attainment of ambassador clients, true promoters of the brand.

– They invest in knowing the client, with market studies, but with a continuous and recurrent analysis of the CRM and the management of dissatisfactions, they are always up to date with customer relations technology and have an investment policy in everything that means comfort, facilities and pleasure for the customer, exceeding the expectations of these.

– They have good-natured employees, coherent with the brandig of the organization, loyal and loyalty-oriented, who take care of the details, honest and close, friendly and responsible; obsessed with achieving ambassador clients. Good mood is a strategic issue.

In conclusion, these are companies that earn money, of course, almost always more money than others, making the happiness of their customers the most profitable business in the long term.


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